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Leeds Orchards Live

Has your community orchard got an idea for an event in 2017?
Does your community orchard need a small amount of money to maintain it?

Helping Britain Blossom are running a simple and fun way for you to get the funds you need to help you to celebrate Apple Day in your community and to keep your orchard looking beautiful. We a growing Leeds to be city of orchard culture.
All you need to do is answer a few simple questions to be in the running to receive funding which will be decided through a public vote. At least one person in your community must be available to attend the Leeds Orchards Live event on Sat 14 January to pitch your proposal to people from other Leeds community orchards.

[_] I’m part of a community group in Leeds or an LS postcode with 5 or more fruit or nut trees in a location that generally has open public access.
[_]  someone from your group can attend the Leeds Orchards Live event on Saturday 14 January at Woodhouse Community Centre
          [_]  Our group wants to run an orchard event in 2017.
    OR [_] Our group needs a small amount of money to maintain our existing community orchard.
If so then you can apply for up to £400 from Leeds Orchard Live using this simple form here. Preview the 8 questions before diving in.

24 December: Deadline for proposals
Sat 14 January: Leeds Orchards Live event with 5 minute pitches from each group. Orchard carers from across the city vote on which proposals get funded. Lunch provided. There will also be a programme of useful workshops about how to make the most of your orchard.
January - December: Successful projects use the funds to run and event or improve their orchard.

Tips and hints
Remember it is other orchard carers that are going to vote on which proposals to fund. Your proposal is more likely to score well if you can show:
  • it's good value for money and reasonably costed. Maybe not going for the full £400.
  • your putting in some of your own time or even funds.
To start the application click on the big green NEXT button at the bottom of this page.

How much is available?
In this trial there is £3000 available, with a maximum of £400 available for each proposal.

What counts as a community orchard?
5 or more fruit or nut trees in a location that generally has open public access.

Have you got any ideas for Apple Day events?
There's lots ideas on the The Orchard Project website and from the thousands of events in the last decade.

What maintenance might be needed?
Replacing a damaged tree; putting up tree guards; hiring a chipper; getting a durable sign; getting a few specialist tools; hiring the Urban Harvest juicing kit.

Why are you using this method?
Leeds Orchards Live is using an approach used all over the world called participatory budgeting. It is based on trusting communities or those with a stake to make good decisions about investments to make things better. Participatory Budgeting is a simple, un-bureaucratic and empowering way to distribute small sums.

We want to plant a new community orchard.
At the moment we don’t have enough money to support the creation of new community orchards. However, in 2017-19 we will be working with community groups again to create orchards. If you would like to discuss your ideas please let know.

What is Helping Britain Blossom?
Helping Britain Blossom is a partnership between Heineken UK, The Orchard Project and the Bulmer Foundation, and is creating and restoring over 100 community orchards across Britain by 2017.

The decisions made during the process are final. Helping Britain Blossom has no influence in the decision making process and is not a funding body. The autonomy lies within the process and the members that take part in the process. Helping Britain Blossom is a neutral body within this process and will not be involved in resolving disputes between members.