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2017 Model Schools Conference Application - Due 11/15/16

2017 Model Schools Conference Application - Due 11/15/16

What better way to share your expertise, experience, insight, and success than to represent your school/program as a model for other schools across the country?

This year we will showcase rapidly improved schools and innovative instructional and leadership best practices. We would like examples in the following areas:

  • Professional Learning
  • Aligning Higher Standards and Assessments
  • Teaching and Learning (including academic intervention practices)
  • Technology Integration
  • Organizational Structure/Schedules

The Conference Application:
  • Identifies how the best practice/model program has impacted student performance.
  • Explains the quantitative impact the program has had on improving student performance (e.g., increase (%) of students who have raised their proficiency levels, increase (%) of students making AYP, etc.). If possible, provide any post-implementation data that demonstrates the positive impact.
  • Describes strategies and procedures for implementing the practice or program. Include implementation timeline and professional development needed to implement the program successfully.
  • Shows the annual cost savings associated with implementation or, if costs have stayed the same but an increase in student performance has occurred, explain.
  • Must be submitted no later than November 15, 2016.

As a speaker at the 2017 Model Schools Conference, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Share your school’s best practices and successful programs
  • Motivate your colleagues to reach new heights in ensuring a rigorous and relevant education for ALL students
  • Network with other education professionals

Below you will find detailed information about the Model Schools Conference and the criteria for applications. 


On the application you will be asked to select a category for your presentation.  Please use the descriptions below to guide your selection.

  • Model District
    Model District Sessions highlight the innovative thinking and best practices that drive systemic change across a school district.
  • Model School
    Model Schools Sessions feature highly successful practices of a specific school/program. Model schools are high performing or have made rapid improvements over the past three years.  These practices are exemplary and should be shared with other educators.  
  • How-To Sessions
    How-To Sessions are designed to highlight specific examples of highly successful practices that can be adapted and replicated in other schools.


Applications are due no later than November 15, 2016.  Applicants will be informed of their acceptance by December 15, 2016.  This will allow schools ample time to prepare for the conference in June. You must submit a completed application to be considered. Additional information may be requested by the selection committee.


The Program Selection Committee includes K-12 practitioners and International Center staff. We aim to offer a balanced program by selecting presentations that best fit within the framework of the Conference.  In reviewing applications, the Committee applies the following considerations to all completed entries:

  • Met AYP for 2015-16 for all students in all student subgroups
  • Alignment with the mission of the International Center: rigorous learning for ALL students
  • Strong data in all dimensions of the Learning Criteria (foundation learning, stretch learning, learner engagement, and personal skill development)
  • Relevance to the priorities of the International Center
    • Creating a culture of change to drive school improvement
    • Continuous school improvement
    • Rigor, relevance, and relationships for instructional improvement
    • Research-based curriculum and program development
    • Technology Integration and Digital Leadership
    • Support for underperforming learners
    • Data-driven decisions
    • Effectiveness and Efficiency
    • Instructional strategies proven to increase student learning
  • Timeliness and focus of the presentation
  • Potential to offer solid, practical “how-to” information to benefit the audience, with a clarity of content that will motivate attendees to act
  • Extent to which program is innovative


The Conference begins at 7:00 pm on Sunday with the keynote presentation by Dr. Daggett and concludes on Wednesday at noon.

Last year, 5,000 people attended the conference.  Typically, 30% are administrators (superintendents, assistant superintendents, principals, and directors); 60% are educators (two-thirds at the secondary level); and 10% are education commissioners, state and federal education department staff, legislators, parents, and school board members.

Sessions are 60 or 75 minutes in length.  Please allocate 5-10 minutes for questions at the end.  Each session is presented two or three times.  Seating is typically theatre style.

 Conference at a Glance

 Sunday, June 25

 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

 Opening Keynote Session

 Monday, June 26

 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

 Keynote Address and  Concurrent Sessions

 Tuesday, June 27

 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

 Concurrent Sessions

 Wednesday, June 28

 8:00 am – 12:00 pm

 Concurrent Sessions and  Closing Keynote

All correspondence will be sent to the individual listed as the Presenter unless another person is designated as the contact. The International Center for Leadership in Education reserves the right to edit both titles and program description for clarity and length.


Each presentation room will be equipped with an LCD projector, screen, A/V cart and audio capability.  The International Center WILL NOT provide computers or Internet access. 

Your presentation should emphasize practical information that can be applied to classroom, school, or district settings.  All presentations should include descriptions of the results attained using shared strategies, best practices, and interventions. 

You are encouraged to make your sessions as engaging and interactive as possible, given the constraints of audience size.  The highest-rated sessions are typically conducted by one experienced and dynamic presenter.  Having multiple speakers leads to choppy presentations in which the key message is not communicated clearly.  These sessions try to present too much information and leave little time for meaningful participation by the audience. 

The International Center will cover registration for ONE PRESENTER ONLY (no additional expenses will be covered). If your proposal includes multiple presenters, please note that additional presenters WILL NOT be covered by the International Center.

You can determine whether or not a handout is necessary.  If you feel that a handout is necessary, please note that you are responsible for printing, shipping, and delivery to the presentation room. 

By submitting an application proposal (by November 15, 2016), you are agreeing to provide a copy of all PowerPoint presentations and supplemental handouts to the International Center.  These documents will be posted on a special website for Conference participants, thereby extending the impact of the Conference and providing a resource for attendees once they return to their work location.
For planning purposes, download the application template here.

Applications are due by November 15, 2016. If your application is accepted as a model school, a case study will be written for your school. Case studies are expected to address the school’s overall performance; however, your presentation may focus on specific aspects that contribute to the schools success.