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Our Systems


Survey: What's behind our systems?

Thank you for your participation. This survey, created by the nonprofit The Boise Commons, is intended to gather a list of what you observe, or what you infer, as being core assumptions, core ideas, and core values behind some of our most important shared institutions (a.k.a. our "social systems"). Creating this list is important because it will be the starting point for an innovative local workshop focusing on the reasons why we accept systems that we may not completely believe in.

The five systems that we'll focus on in this survey are Education, Health Care, Government, the Economy, and Justice. Each one has one page in the survey.

You don't need to be an expert in order to do this survey, because your experience with these systems, and your thoughtfulness, are enough to go on. However, you may need to think a bit deeply before being able to offer responses.

Please keep each contribution focused and distinct. An example of a focused, distinct core assumption/idea/value (in the case of our economic system) might be: "Money is useful as a means of exchange."  (Please don't use this one; it's just an obvious example).

Your responses are completely anonymous. Thanks again.

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