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Data Governance Excellence Scan - Adversitement


Welcome to the Adversitement Data Governance Excellence Scan!

Does your company master all required aspects for good data governance? Take this survey and you will find out exactly where you are compared to other organisations.

By answering the 12 questions in the survey you will discover your data governance status and what can be improved. It will take you approximately between five to ten minutes to complete this survey. In return you will receive a clear and concise spider chart benchmark on the main topics. Furthermore, per your request, we can plan a 1:1 in-depth meeting with one of our consultants, discussing how to align people, processes and platforms to achieve digital governance excellence.

This benchmark survey was developed to gain relevant, reliable and ongoing market insights regarding the current level of data governance within our economic network. It covers main areas like competitive advantage, data quality, data ethics and commitment. Respondents will receive valuable input on their 'governance status' and competitive position compared to other data-oriented companies.

Your information will be treated with great care and confidentiality and will not be shared with any third parties. We will use the collected data for our own purposes only, creating an anonymous benchmark report for all respondents.