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Which Gen Are You REALLY At Work?

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How high is your Gen IQ? Which generations do you understand? Which are a mystery to you? Now is your chance to find out! 
For each question below
  • Select the statement that sounds most like you. 
  • Go with your first impulse. It is usually best.
  • If you can't decide, you may choose 2 statements.
2. Shall we set up a meeting? 
3. Are you loyal? 
4. The best ideas come from 
5. What's the best way to begin a project?
6. Heroes are  . . .
7. Is life balance possible?
8. The best leaders are people who  . . . 
9. How much information do you want to share?
10. What year were you born? We ask because we want to see how people in your generation score on the quiz. We don't use your age in computing your score.
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