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Dating as a Plus Size Woman in 2016

Dating as a Plus Size Woman in 2016

We want to know about YOUR dating experiences as a plus size woman in 2016 - are we more accepting of different bodies or are the media beauty ideals ruining dating?
1. How Old Are You?
3. Where are you based?
4. What dress size are you?
5. What is your sexual orientation
6. Are you in a relationship currently?
7. What's your first date style like?

Where do you look for a new partner / Or where did you meet your current partner


Are you more comfortable using dating apps / club nights specifically for plus size people.

10. How do you rate yourself in terms of attractiveness?
11. How much is your attractiveness tied up to your weight / body shape?

Do you think there is still stigma surrounding plus size dating, that plus size women cant be seen as ‘attractive’.


Do you post a full body picture on your online dating profile? 


Everyone is nervous on a first date. How much of your nerves are related to your weight/body type? 


Have you ever been told that fat people should just be with one another?


If you are in a relationship, how would you characterise your partner (or use your last relationship as a base).


Have you ever been concerned about posting pics of you and your partner for fear of bullying?


Has anyone ever tried to hit on your partner in front of you or told you that you aren't "hot enough" for them? 

19. Have you ever stayed in a bad relationship because you worried about finding someone else that would accept your body?
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