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Master of Divinity Vocational Academic Plan

All M.Div. students need to submit a Vocational Academic Plan to the Assistant Dean for Academic Programs before the end of the first year of study. The purpose of the plan is to help students plan their academic work based on critical reflection of their vocational call and leadership development. Here are the steps:

A. Write up the plan. This may be a page or two of essay answers to the questions below exploring your vocational objective along with a filled in Degree Worksheet or copy of "My Progress" from WebAdvisor Student Planning outlining how you anticipate going through the degree requirements at this time. It may change by the time your Middler Review happens and that's okay.

B. Fill out your degree worksheet as best you can or run "My Progress" in WebAdvisor Student Planning and attach or paste to the field below.

C. Submit this plan to your advisor by hitting the "submit" button below. Keep the copy that will be emailed to you as you will need it the following year for your Middler Review. A copy of your VAP will be received by the Assistant Dean  and archived in the Office of Academic Affairs for a limited number of years separately from your official student file. Please ensure you use the official school email addresses for both yourself and your advisor.

Faculty advisors are expected to read your Plan and may follow up with you if they wish to consult with you further on any of the questions in this document. Responses from all students may be shared with faculty for the purposes of student advisement. If data is presented in aggregate form to other non-PSR third parties such as accreditors, all personal identifiers (such as your name and email) will be removed.

This milestone is due the LAST DAY of your FIRST YEAR. Please submit any further questions about this milestone to the Assistant Dean at

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Consider the following questions. You may also address any other vocational/academic/ formational issues you find relevant

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1. As I consider my future vocation, what am I most enthusiastic about?
2. What are the personal/professional expectations of organizations and institutions in which I plan to serve?
3. What are my strengths and weaknesses, as a person and as a student?
4. What are the expectations of my spouse, my family, other important persons in my life, relative to my vocation and vocational lifestyle?
5. To what extent is my ideal image of myself and my future vocational objectives limited by my talents? By realities in my situation?
6. What spiritual disciplines do I currently follow, and what disciplines do I hope to acquire while a student at PSR?
7. What practical learning objectives should I set for myself for the next few years in the light of my objectives, for example:
7a. Relating specifically to electives, in what area or areas of the curriculum should I choose to concentrate?
7b. What type(s) of supervised ministry (field education) would be best for me?
7c. What practical functional skills do I need to develop, such as preaching, teaching, administration, worship leadership, etc.?
7d. What other interests or needs would I like to develop while still in school?
Please complete an MDiv Worksheet, save the pdf to your computer, or flash drive, then upload the file here.
OR, save a pdf copy of "My Progress" in Student Planning in WebAdvisor then upload the file here.
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