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Autumn Conference 2016 Prioritisation Ballot


Welcome to the prioritisation ballot for the Green Party Autumn Conference 2016 Agenda.

There are 2 sections which require prioritisation, these are known as "Section C" which covers the policy proposals in the agenda which cover the things which members feel should be Green Party Policy, or removed from our policy. The second is known as "Section D" which covers the motions on how we as a party organise ourselves, rule changes, and things which we resolve to do.

In each case, there will be a page which gives you the opportunity to read the synopsis of each motion (a short 50 word intro) and a link to the agenda on the members website. Following this, there will be a page where you can rank each motion in the order of importance for discussion.

The full agenda is online here - the information in this ballot is intended to be read along side it, not as a replacement for it.

This ballot will take you on average half an hour to complete (based on actual completion times of people taking it in the past) in order to progress through the 6 pages of the ballot you need to scroll to the bottom of each page and press "NEXT".

The ballot will close at 23:59 on 20th July 2016

You do not have to order every motion.
3. Have you previously attended conference?
4. Have you ever completed the prioritisation ballot previously?
5. Have you read the agenda in advance of undertaking this ballot?
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