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Future of Work RFP

Call for Proposals - The Future of Work

Implications of the Changing Nature of Work on Firm Structure, Size, and Creation

The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation is soliciting proposals to better understand how technology is changing the nature of work and the subsequent effect on firm size, structure, and creation.

Questions of particular interest, although we are open to other suggestions, include:

  • Does the growth of alternative work arrangements increase existing firm size and create an anti-competitive environment for startups?
  • What are similarities and differences of the future of work for traditional employer-employee work arrangements?
  • What are the socioeconomic implications (e.g. poverty, economic and geographic mobility, housing, transportation, job stability, cost of living, and more) of the changing nature of work?¬†
  • How does the growth of alternative work arrangements affect the risks and rewards of entrepreneurship?
  • What are the connections with the growth of alternative work arrangements and worker productivity?
  • How can we use current data sets to better understand the implications of the changing nature of work on entrepreneurship?
  • What modifications or additions to traditional economic analysis and data collection would better account for alternative work arrangements?
  • What are the implications on entrepreneurship from potential policy changes in the labor market to address alternative work?
  • How should policy be constructed to address concerns of worker protections without compromising on the benefits of alternative work?

Those interested in submitting a proposal must complete the online preliminary application here. No other documentation or proposals submitted outside this form will be considered. Questions can be directed to Derek Ozkal at

Deadline for submissions: Aug. 31, 2016.

Selected applicants will be asked to submit a full proposal in Fall 2016 for work beginning in 2017.

Download a blank copy of the application before you get started here:
Future of Work RFP blank form