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Survey about privacy habits

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This survey is part of a research study conducted by Xi Zheng, Lieyong Zou, at Carnegie Mellon University.


The purpose of the research is to assess users’ security awareness and preference of sensitive data on their personal computer. 

To be qualified to this survey, you need to be:
  • 18+ years adult
  • Have a US credit/debit card
  • Have a US Social Security Number(SSN)


You will be asked some questions about your habit of storing sensitive data.  Then we will ask you some security strategies you choose and rank your preferences among those strategies. Finally, we will give a detailed description about our follow-up user study, and ask for your explicit consent to do the following study. We will contact you later if you agree to conduct our second user study.


The survey is expected to take 5 minutes to complete. The follow-up study is expected to take 30 minutes to complete.

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