Baseline Survey Report

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Help us by filling out the following survey to improve mobility in East Village and get your community moving! Win a chance for bliss at Massage Envy East Village! It will take less than five minutes - fill it out in line while you're waiting for your latte! And hurry, your relaxation can't wait! The survey will close on September 30 at 12:00PM.

Who knew East Village is where the ride things roam? East Village Association is spearheading an exciting initiative called Do The Ride Thing. I know what you’re thinking. What is this “ride thing” you speak of? Well, it’s a community based initiative aimed at improving routes for urban mobility by facilitating environmentally friendly commutes. Biking. Walking. Scootering. You get the idea, but it doesn’t end there. If getting fit and breathing fresh air isn’t your thing, you could always engage in our project for the fun contests. It pays to be an opportunist. Whatever your inclinations are, get out there and do the ride thing.
1. Age? 
2. Occupation? 
3. How often do you visit East Village?
4. Primary method of transportation to East Village? 
5. Primary method of transportation? 
6. Do you carpool to East Village? 
7. What neighborhood are you from?
8. Why do you come to East Village? 
Want to get involved? Send an e-mail to get on the Transit/Parking committee and improve your community!
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