NETSL Board Ballot, 2016-2017

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NETSL Board Ballot for 2016-2017
1. Please vote for one person for Vice-President/President-Elect.

Statement from Cason Snow:

My name is Cason Snow and I am the Metadata Librarian/Cataloger at the University of Maine. I have been involved with NETSL since moving to the region in 2013, first as a volunteer, then as Archivist. Previous to working at the University of Maine I worked for Northern Illinois University and served on various state committees, and feel that this level of organization provides much needed support and is even more effective at implementing new policies than national organizations. I would like to continue to contribute to both the organization and the advancement of technical services in New England by serving as Vice President/President Elect of NETSL. 
3. Please vote for one person for Treasurer.

Statement from Yukari Sugiyama​:

I am currently the Japanese Technical Services Librarian at the Yale University Library.
NETSL has been a great resource for the technical services community in New England. I found NETSL more relevant to my profession and more advantageous than national professional organizations to network with peers with similar interests in the same region.
I am currently a member of ALA Committee on Cataloging: Asian and African Materials (CC:AAM). I was actively involved in the committee by preparing for the committee’s conference program at the ALA Annual Conference in San Francisco last summer. With my experience with CC:AAM, I am capable of handling NETSL’s finances and the annual conference.

4. Please vote for one person for Outreach Officer.

Statement from Amy Dittman:

I am currently the Electronic Resources Librarian at Boston College, and I have been a technical services librarian for seven years, five of which have been in New England. In that time, I've grown to appreciate the programming put together by NETSL.  New England has many excellent libraries, and NETSL provides a forum for these libraries to share what they are doing with one another. This allows many libraries to keep current on progress in the field, in a way that is accessible to all, because it does not have the travel expenses associated with larger national professional associations.

Outreach is an important element of librarianship, because much of the great work that we do is often unknown.  Similarly, making sure that local librarians are aware of the work of NETSL is an important element in making sure that as many people as possible can benefit from its programming. I have experience with outreach in a library setting that I think would translate well to being NETSL's Outreach Officer.  In the past, I was the head of the Committee for Library AWareness (CLAW) at Moravian College, and I was also responsible for the web content at both Moravian College's Reeves Library and Suffolk University's Mildred F. Sawyer Library.  In these positions, I grew comfortable with more traditional forms of marketing as well as some more unique techniques that were directed specifically at particular user groups.

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