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Twin Falls Draft Plan Survey

Welcome/ Introduction

2016 Twin Falls Comprehensive Plan Public Draft Survey

Over the course of the last year, the City of Twin Falls has been working on an update of the Comprehensive Plan, a document that serves as the plan for future land use and development in our community. 

If you have not reviewed the document, please do so before completing this survey. The document can be viewed at:

The following survey summarizes key highlights from the 2016 Comprehensive Plan and provides an opportunity to comment at the end of each section.

  • Chapter 1 Introduction: Plan Purpose and Development
  • Chapter 2 Community Vision: Public Process and the Community Vision
  • Chapter 3 Framework: Goals & Policies; Future Land Use Framework
  • Chapter 4 Implementation: Implementation Strategies and Action Plan

*Note: The full survey takes approximately 30 minutes or more to complete. At any time during the survey, you can save your progress and complete the survey at a later time by selecting "Save and Continue Later" at the top of each page. Additionally, you do not have to answer every question.