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School Personnel Final Test

Thank you for taking the California Mandated Reporter Online School Personnel Training. You will now be asked several questions to test your knowledge of Mandated Reporting in California.

NOTE: If you took this training as part of a large group, each individual must take and pass the final test separately.

Note: At the end of the test you will be able to print out your certificate, so make sure you are connected to a Printer!

First you will be asked some personal information. Please give your full name as well as the best e-mail to reach you at.
Your Contact Information
5 digit zip code only This question requires a valid number format.
Please use your work e-mail.  Personal email addresses (especially Yahoo, AOL, Gmail, and Hotmail) can either block the certificate emails from being delivered or put them in a spam or other incoming email folder. This question requires a valid email address.
This email address must match the above email address, please make sure that both are the correct address or you won't receive your score or certificate. This question requires a valid email address.