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This survey is part of a study conducted by Ouranos, a Quebec based research consortium on regional climatology and adaptation to climate change, in partnerships with the Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers, with the college of environmental science and forestry of the State University of New-York and with the Proctor Maple Research Center and extension of the University of Vermont. Its goal is to document the perceptions and concerns of Canadian and American maple syrup producers regarding climate change.

Your participation consists in responding to approximately 30 questions. Be assured that your answers are completely anonymous.

A document presenting a synthesis of the results and a review of the knowledge surrounding the impacts of climate change on maple syrup production will be released during 2017. You can stay informed of its publication on the websites of Ouranos (, of the University of Vermont Proctor Maple Research Center ( and of the Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers (

If you wish to receive this synthesis by email, send us your address by contacting Antoine Plouffe at

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