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Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire on the GCCA+ website.

The Global Climate Change Alliance was established by the European Union in 2007 to strengthen dialogue and cooperation with developing countries on climate change. The Alliance helps to ensure that developing countries most vulnerable to climate change can increase their capacities to adapt to the effects of climate change.

The GCCA+ works with its partners to pool resources, expertise and knowledge. In this way, it helps find the best solutions for tackling the causes and impacts of climate change. GCCA+ partners include national and local governments, regional organisations, non-governmental organisations, academic and scientific institutions, plus local representations of international organisations, multilateral and bilateral development agencies.

Thank you for answering these questions as comprehensively as possible. Your answers will provide us with a clearer picture of your expectations, as well as your views on how the GCCA+ website could further support your work. This information will be used to improve both the website’s content and design.

Please note that the online questionnaire will be available until 19 September, if you would like to contribute please adhere to this deadline.