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Join the (C)APD Network

What's This?
  • This page explains the (C)APD Network so you can decide if you want to join. The questions are on Page 2. 
  • Quick synopsis: The (C)APD Network is meant to help people with (Central) Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD) find each other for networking and information exchange.
What is the (C)APD Network?
  • The (C)APD Network is a public list of people who
    • Have auditory processing disorder (or, are wondering if they might have it)
    • Have a public social media account -- Twitter, a blog, YouTube, whatever
    • Want more followers with APD.
  • As just one example, see this list of Tumblr blogs by people with APD.
  • No, it's not an organization, just an informal way to help people with (C)APD find each other in their preferred social media platform.

What is the difference between "Central Auditory Processing Disorder" and "Auditory Processing Disorder"?
  • None. These are different terms for the same condition.
  • I have been told that in Europe, people use the term "APD". But in the U.S., both terms are used.

Why Are You Doing This?
  • I am Andrea Shettle.  I am a deaf person and I probably have auditory processing disorder.  
  • I often meet adults with (C)APD.  Many face challenges in confirming a diagnosis, figuring out coping strategies, and finding other adults with APD.  They often feel isolated.
  • I want more people with APD to form a sense of community and collaborate to organize more support groups, advocacy organizations, and other resources by and for people with (C)APD.

Who Do You Represent?
  • Nobody.  I am doing this in my free time and do not represent my employer in this capacity

But I'm Not Sure if I have APD or Not?
  • The (C)APD Network is open to people who are still wondering if this diagnosis fits them.
  • It is also open to people who have auditory processing issues as part of some other form of neurodiversity.

I have APD, but I don't talk about it much in my social media accounts.
  • You are still welcome to join the public listing of social media accounts (CAPD Network).

But Wait! I'm a Private Person!
  • You don't have to share your social media information via the (C)APD Network in order to connect with other people . There are some APD-themed closed Facebook groups and a Yahoo-based listserver that you could join. Only members can learn who joins these groups, so people outside the group won't be able to see that you are a member. Or, you could reach out to individual Tumblr users with APD.
  • I am hoping this survey will enable me to develop similar listings of other social media accounts by people with APD. This could give you more ways to find people with APD and perhaps reach out to them individually.
  • Check out this listing of CAPD resources to find a few organizations and some social media options for finding people with APD. Visit the link periodically to see it grow.
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