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This Self-Assessment for Spiritual Health (SASH) has been developed to identify features of psychological and spiritual difficulties in people's lives.

However, the SASH it is not a formal, spiritual, psychological, medical or scientific evaluation.

The SASH is not offered as an alternative to professional clinical or medical assessment. High scores on this test do not confirm any specific diagnosis or disorder.

The areas explored by the SASH may be due to several biological, psychological, and spiritual factors or causes. As such, the SASHI is not exhaustive in scope. It is not specific or prescriptive on how you should apply the results of the Self-Assessment. Still, the test may assist you in identifying areas that are troublesome to you.

You are encouraged to share the results with an appropriate health professional or spiritual leader. You will see the results of your SASH at the end of the test. 

Please provide an e-mail address at the end of the Questionnaire so that the questions and results will also be sent to you electronically.
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