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CX Measurement Index - HHH


Answer the 11 questions below to see how your company compares to others in effectively
measuring the Customer Experience.
1. We know how our customers learn about our products.
2. We are providing all the information customers need to make a purchase decision.
3. Our product information is consistent across channels and accurately represents the brand.
4. We monitor social media constantly so we can quickly respond to issues that arise.
5. Our stores have the technology to support the customer in their purchase.
6. Our digital properties make it very easy to purchase our products or services.
7. Customers can easily move between digital properties to complete a purchase.
8. We do a great job of monitoring our customer's satisfaction with the products they purchase.
9. We have customer experience measurements at every post purchase touch point.
10. We know that our products are easy to assemble, install, and use.
11. Our customers are very likely to recommend us to a colleague or friend.
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