Temperament Test

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Temperament Test
1. Are you naturally outgoing?
2. If you do not consider yourself naturally outgoing (that is, more quiet or introverted), do you consider yourself a detailed person?
3. If you ARE outgoing, are you more interested in getting things done than talking?
4. If you ARE outgoing, are you naturally talkative?
5. If you do NOT consider yourself naturally outgoing, are you best known for being easy to get along with, calm and steady?
6. Do you feel best when you accomplish tasks and goals?
7. "I like to talk" is a statement that describes me.
8. I analyze people and movies and many things I encounter on a daily basis.
9. Are you typically quiet in group settings?
10. Does it bother you when your "stuff" becomes disorganized?
11. Are you energized by being around other people and groups?
12. Social events energize me.
13. Messiness and lack of organization irritates me.
14. Talkative, outgoing individuals irritate me.
15. "Hard-nosed", driven individuals irritate me.
16. There is nothing more enjoyable than loud, spirited conversation.
17. A well-organized list is the best way to approach a task or project.
18. Is your desk (or other personal space) typically messy?
19. Do OTHERS consider you outgoing?
20. I'm considered easy to get along with.
21. Do others in group settings say you are typically the quiet one?
22. I've been told I can be somewhat critical but I don't mean it that way.
23. Do OTHERS notice that your are careful about order and details?
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