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Dependence and Overdependence on the Automobile in the Treasure Valley


Dependence and Overdependence on the Automobile in the Treasure Valley:
Contributing Factors

Thank you for your participation. This survey, created by the nonprofit The Boise Commons, is intended to gather a list of what you observe or believe to be factors contributing to dependence or overdependence on the automobile in the Treasure Valley. These factors will provide "raw material" for a collaborative, dialogue-based process in which the structure of the factors will be explored, at a forum/workshop to be held later this fall.

The triggering question that you are asked to respond to is the following:

What factors contribute to dependence or overdependence on the automobile in the Treasure Valley?

You are asked to contribute as many responses to this question as you can think of, keeping each idea or "factor" concise and focused. For each one, you are also asked to provide an explanation statement, even if you think your meaning is obvious.

An example of a focused, distinct factor in response to the triggering question above might be: "The low price of gasoline." An author's hypothetical explanation statement for this might be "When gasoline prices are low, people on tight budgets tend to feel less hesitation about using their car more versus finding alternatives."

We recommend starting by making a list offline and then taking the survey. If, after submitting this survey, you think of additional factors you'd like to add, you can simply come back to start a new survey and add those factors.

The survey will be open until October 1, or sooner if we receive a sufficient number of factor contributions for purposes of the forum/workshop.

Thanks again for your insight and participation.

Confidentiality: We do not believe that this survey asks for anything that is particularly sensitive. The survey does ask for your name and organizational affiliation because it is important that ideas have authors behind them, even if you are unable to attend the forum/workshop. However, your name will not be connected with your specific contributions in the final report that is made publicly available following the forum/workshop. The survey and the forum/workshop is primarily exploratory and educational in nature.

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