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2017 Nicaragua Trip

Please fill out our survey and basic trip questions.

Thank you for your interest in traveling to Nicaragua! This is a great way to meet our community partners and participate firsthand in the Project Schoolhouse mission.

Please fill out the brief survey below. This will help us better understand your interests and availability. Feel free to answer as briefly or elaborately as you wish!
5. Please rate the dates below. We are trying to plan the Spring 2017 Nicaragua trip dates around everyone's interests and availability. This is by no means committing you to a trip or specific dates; it's a preliminary step to determine the best project dates. Also, if you are concerned about a 10-day trip, please make a note in the comment section further below. We may have the flexibility to offer a 7-day option. *This question is required.
Space Cell No way - ni modo.No sé - maybe, es posible?Can do, just not my 1st choiceSí! Quiero ésta, I want this optionIT MUST BE THESE DATES - only ones I can do
Tues Feb 28 - Fri Mar 10
Sat Mar 25 - Sat Apr 1
Tues Apr 18 - Fri Apr 28
Tues May 9 - 19
6. Please rate your Spanish proficiency.
Note:  Knowing some Spanish is helpful but not required.
Nada - I don't speak a lick of SpanishUn poco - Beginner - I know some key words and phrasesIntermedio - IntermediateCompetente - Proficient, AdvancedNativo - Bilingual speaker or near-native proficiency
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