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Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

RPL - Eligibility Assessment

Please note this is preliminary information to allow us to assess whether you would be eligible to apply for RPL.
If you require any assistance completing the form please contact or call us on 03 9613 7200.

Before you proceed please ensure you have created an ANZIIF Master ID and the following documents ready for upload:

- Up-to-date curriculum vitae (cv)
- Current position description
- Certificate/s and academic transcript/s (if applicable)
- Membership certificates (if applicable)
1. Personal details: *This question is required.
3. Please upload certificate/s and academic transcript/s as proof of qualification/s already attained:
4. Please upload a copy of your current position description: *This question is required.
5. Please provide a copy of your up-to-date curriculum vitae (cv): *This question is required.
7. Please select where you gained your experience: *This question is required.
8. Please select your desired qualification
9. If you are a member of any professional membership bodies, please specify below.
Space Cell Member title (e.g. Associate, Senior Associate, Fellow etc if applicable)Name of membership institution
10. Please upload any supporting membership certificate/s:
11. Please upload any additional documents to support your application: