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Christian Voter Instant Poll--Repeal the Johnson Amendment

Tell Congress: Restore the First Amendment and Religious Liberty: Vote YES on H.R. 781

For 60 years, the government has threatened to punish houses of worship and their leaders if they saying something that is deemed "too political."

But pastors must speak on cultural and political issues. The Body of Christ is the salt and light for a dark world.

Since 1954, by law pastors have been forced to be silent. Because of the Johnson Amendment, pastors risk losing their tax exemption status for speaking out against elected officials or political candidates.

Without the tax exemption, many churches would be forced to close.

To this day, IRS bureaucrats can monitor and punish churches and their leaders for anything they say that might touch on criticism of a political candidate. Very serious.

But there is now good news.

Donald Trump wants to repeal this law.

We need to urge Congress to pass H.R. 781, which will repeal this terrible attack on the First Amendment.
We will distribute these petitions to:

We will distribute these petitions to:

  • Candidates for President and Congress
  • Members of Congress
  • Federal judges
  • Governors
  • State lawmakers
  • Reporters, journalists, and news media executives
  • Radio talk show hosts
  • Newspaper columnists
  • Influential bloggers and news-oriented websites
It’s time for pastors and churches to take a stand:
  • For freedom of conscience
  • For religious liberty
  • For the First Amendment
  • For life
  • For Israel
  • For marriage and family

Sign our petition and send the message loud and clear to Congress:

"Protect Our First Amendment Rights! Pass H.R. 781 and repeal the Johnson Amendment now!"

1. Should the Johnson Amendment Be Repealed?
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