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T2E Needs Assessment 2016

The goal of this survey is to assess the technology training needs of women’s rights organizations worldwide. Your responses will help WAKE provide relevant technology and communications workshops and resources to support your work. Please share this survey with colleagues at other women’s rights organizations.

Have you and/or your staff ever attended a training workshop on technology and/or communications?

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2. If you and/or your staff have not been able to attend technology trainings, why? Check all that apply.
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3. How useful would technology and communications training and advising be to your organization? *This question is required.
4. If you could attend a technology and communications workshop, what would be your top 5 priority training topics? *This question is required.
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5. How could new technology and communications skills advance your work on women's rights? Check your top 3 choices. *This question is required.
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