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The Self-Assessment Kiosk


This is a place to learn about your physical and mental health and how they go together.

Using the Self-Assessment Kiosk is simple. There is no cost. You simply choose surveys that are relevant to you and then do them.

At the end of your session, we give you feedback about your results and provide you with guidance about how to interpret them.

We don't ask you who you are. However, providing information about your physical and mental health is very personal and we do store the information.

On another page, we will ask you if we can use the information you provide for research. You can say no and still use the kiosk.

The results that the Self-Assessment Kiosk provides are not a medical opinion. They are based entirely on the information that you provide and how that information has applied to other people. These results cannot substitute for actual assessment by a professional. If you have questions or concerns about your results, or are planning to make any changes, we strongly advise you to discuss them with a health professional.
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