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Community Choices


Welcome to McCall In Motion Community Choices!

Provide your input on the BIG IDEAS and BIG CHOICES for the future of McCall! 

You have told us what you love or would improve about McCall, identified specific opportunities throughout the City and helped create a vision for the future. Now we ask the tough questions. On the following pages are 15 Big Ideas and then a series of questions. Help guide the City’s Comprehensive Plan by providing your feedback!

Find out more about the plan process by visiting:

If you would like to read through the big ideas and view corresponding maps and graphics before starting this survey, click here to download Issue 3: Big Ideas provided at the Community Choices Workshops.   

Note: You can save you responses and continue the survey at a later time by selecting "Save & Continue Later" at the top of any page.
1. First tell us a little bit about yourself. 
Are you a resident of McCall?
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