Sexual Initiation Scale of Arousal

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Welcome to the SISA
Fill out this short survey and receive your Sexual Initiation Style(s) results immediately!

This survey is anonymous and confidential (see our privacy statement) and should take approximately 8 -12 minutes to complete. The questionnaire has 21 questions that cover your sexual initiation preferences and interests. Feel free to check it out, knowing that at any point you can discontinue at any time without consequence. If you have any questions about or comments please contact Dr. Zebroff at

* By completing the survey you are agreeing to participate in furthering our understanding of human sexuality.
2. My gender is: *This question is required.
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3. My sexual orientation is:
5. My relationship status is: *This question is required.
6. I would rate the general satisfaction of my relationship as:
6. I have been in my relationship for:
6. Overall, how satisfactory or unsatisfactory is your present sex life?
7. Compared to your current sexual partner, how would you rate your sexual desire?
(0 = Much less desire  --- 8= Much more desire)
7. In your current relationship, who initiates sex most often?
The activity you do to signal you want to have sex, the location, the mood, who starts,etc.)
7. The way(s) my partner currently initiates sex is:
7. How would you prefer your partner approach you for sex? I get most turned-on if my partner: *This question is required.
Think to how you start getting aroused --- transitioning from your day-to-day reality toward your erotic-reality. How would you like your partner to approach you.
7. How would you prefer your partner approach you for sex? I get most turned-on if my partner: *This question is required.Very sexySomewhat sexyNot very sexyA turn-off
Wears (or doesn't wear) certain articles of clothing
'Tells' me directly that they want to have sex
Makes prolonged eye-contact with me
Suggests we take a "nap" together
Tells me the things he/she wants to do to me
Is urgent and passionate
Teases me by making me wait (anticipate)
Gives me gentle kisses
Gets turned-on by what I'm wearing (or not wearing)
Caresses all parts of my body (including non-sexual parts)
Touches my back or buttocks
Mentally stimulates me
Sends me a sexy message
Comes up to me from behind
Kisses or caresses my neck
Sets up a room with sensual ambiance
Sits (or lies) closer to me than usual
Is humorous or playful
Undresses me
'Takes charge' of the situation
Engages in an emotional or romantic conversation
Starts slow (and builds up in pace or intensity)
Pushes me against a wall or bed
Is rough or forceful
Strokes my chest/breasts or plays with my nipples (breasts)
Touches or rubs my genitals
Gives me a massage
Shows me or tells me how aroused he/she is
Surprises me, or is spontaneous
Teases me with seductive language
Talks dirty to me
'Asks' me what they should do to me
Gives me deep (tongue), passionate kisses
Gives me cuddles (non-sexual hugs or affection)
Grabs me (seductively or playfully)
Nibbles on or plays with my ear
Tells me how sexy I am or how much they desire me
Does something sweet or thoughtful
Focuses ALL of their attention on me
Rubs or presses themselves against me (without saying anything)
Tells me how much he/she loves me
9. For the most part, what is the pace (or intensity) you prefer to get you interested in having sex?
10. Overall, how obvious (overt) do you want your partner to be when they initiate sex with you? *This question is required.
11. What is your favorite type of kissing to get you interested in having sex?
Choose your 1-2 favorite ways:
12. Over the last year, how often do you have difficulty getting enough lubrication (women) or maintaining an erection (men) before or during sex?
13. Over the last year, how often have you had difficulty reaching orgasm (WITH a partner present)?
The circumstances, environment or actions (particular touch, word, kiss, etc) that you prefer to get you in the mood to have sex.
15. Do you know how your partner prefers to be approached for sex -- their sexual initiation style?