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8x8 Design Survey - Regulatory Tech - eval copy

Your View of the Market

Thank you for participating in our survey on regulatory transaction reporting technology. The introduction of MIFIR and EMIR will change the market for reporting across asset classes and industry segments, and will create opportunities for providers of data quality, connectivity, reconciliation and analytics solutions.

The full results of this survey will be available to all Adox Research subscribers. A summary of the key insights will be available to all participants. Each participant will have the ability to review and edit solution-specific factual information prior to publication.
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2. What are the most important drivers for firms to increase spending on regulatory tech in the next 12 months? Please rate on a scale from 1 (lowest importance) to 5 (highest importance) for each driver
Meet existing compliance deadlines, eg MIFIR
Consolidate and optimize multiple compliance projects
Realize business value from compliance investments, eg quality of data
Meet new/emerging compliance deadlines globally
3. What is the highest risk to the industry meeting compliance deadlines for transaction reporting? Select from 1 (lowest risk) to 6 (highest risk) Note: for the following table each column is restricted to a single answer across all rows.
4. In your estimate, what is the size of the global market for regulatory reporting technology in USD? 
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7. What is the geographical split of firms using your regulatory tech solution?
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8. What is the industry segment split of firms using your regulatory tech solution? What is the percentage for each segment of the total number of users?
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9. Regulatory reporting technology covers multiple integration, connectivity and workflow management processes. Please select all functional processes covered by your solution.
10. Who are you competing with in the regulatory reporting space? Select all that apply.