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How Well Do You Know Hamilton?

The Questions

1. What book inspired “Hamilton: An American Musical?”
2. How long did it take Lin-Manuel Miranda to write the first two songs of the musical?
3. The “Hamilton” album is one of ____ Broadway soundtracks to reach the Billboard Top 10 in the past 50 years.
4. How many Tony Awards did “Hamilton: An American Musical” Win in 2016?
5. How many duels was Alexander Hamilton a challenger in?
6. How long did it take Alexander Hamilton to pass the bar?
7. How many of the Federalist Papers did Alexander Hamilton write?
8. How many words are in the script of “Hamilton: An American Musical?”
9. Which song in “Hamilton” features musical salutes to The Beatles?
10. Which newspaper was founded by Alexander Hamilton?
11. What month was Alexander Hamilton born?
12. How many children did Alexander Hamilton have?
13. What bank did Alexander Hamilton found?
14. What Revolutionary War battles did Alexander Hamilton participate in?
15. Hamilton was…
16. Where is Alexander Hamilton buried?