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Composting System Survey

1. Please complete this confidential survey to help us better understand your current and future composting requirements. Thank you!
This question requires a valid email address.
3. Where do you plan to process material?
4. Who will own the system?
5. Who will operate the system?
6. Who collects garbage and recyclables in the site's community?
7. What is the fee for waste disposal? (choose one)
8. Materials to be composted: (check all that apply)
10. What is your desired end use? (check all that apply)
11. What System Support on Site do you currently have?
12. Do you own or operate a current composting system?
15. Utilities:
Space Cell Electricity
Single Phase
Triple Phase
16. Is Water and Sewer available?
Space Cell WaterSewer
17. Buildings:

Is there a building on-site to house the computer control?
18. What is the zoning classification for your site?
19. What type of waste handling permit do you currently have?
21. Financing:

Are you interested in purchasing or leasing the system?
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