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Polar Connections: Interoperability Workshop and Assessment


This brief survey is being carried out in support of the Polar Connections: Interoperability Workshop and Assessment process.  Detailed information about this process can be found at  The overall process is outlined below.

The International Polar Year 2007-08 initiated significant momentum with respect to polar data management. More recently, a number of meetings and reports have clarified the issues and priorities in this domain. Data and system interoperability has been identified as one of the primary goals and challenges of interest to the broader polar and global community. Interoperability can be defined as properties of data and information systems that allow them to work and share with other information products or systems, present or future, without unintended restrictions.

Through this survey we would like to document your high level perspectives on polar data and systems interoperability, including how you define the term interoperability, relevant initiatives, standards and tools, gaps, and relevant actors.  Brief responses are sufficient for the survey and we hope that you will allow us to contact you for more details if needed.

Overall Process


Members of the community will be asked to complete a focused, brief survey on interoperability to help form and address questions to be discussed during the workshop. Participants attending the workshop will be asked to review a set of background material, including the results of the survey, to ensure that they are familiar with the current state of the art and can work productively during the workshop.    


The two day workshop (8-9 November) will begin with context-setting presentations by theme leads or their delegates.  Participants will then be tasked with considering the workshop questions established, and generate recommendations that can be used to significantly enhance polar data interoperability.


Results of the pre-workshop survey and a report from the workshop will be made publicly available soon after the workshop.  These resources will be available for comment by the community through the end of 2016.  A preliminary summary assessment report based on the results of the process will be published early in 2017.  A more extensive report may be developed.