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What Element is Your Child?

Discover Your Child's Element Quiz

How to Take the Questionnaire

This questionnaire is designed to help you identify your child’s Dominant and Influential Elements according to the Five-Element system in Traditional Chinese Medicine. To determine your child’s Dominant Element, check the questions that apply to your child on a regular basis. Think about how your child acts across multiple settings such as school, social gatherings, sporting events, and home as you check off the characteristics that resonate with your child’s way of being in the world.

Because your child comprises all five elements, it’s normal to check off characteristics under all five. But you’ll find the majority of your child’s characteristics will fall under one or two of the elements. After you complete the quiz, there will be a quick video explaining your next steps. Be sure to download the Elemental Parenting Guide for more information on your child's 5-Element type.