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Get Your P-Score and P-Grade

1. To get your P-Score and P-Grade, please rate your organization’s current personalization capabilities for each of the following:
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Space Cell AdvancedEmergingStatic / RudimentaryNone
Alerting customers in real-time on unusual account activity which may require an action
(e.g. annual subscription renewal, unrecognized merchant charge)
Analyzing and informing customers about spending patterns
(e.g. how much I’m spending on dining out)
Proactively identifying and alerting customers on potential issues and actions they can take
(e.g. insufficient balance prediction)
Suggesting ways to avoid potential fees & penalties
(e.g. what card to use out of the country)
Offering relevant bank services that would benefit customers and simplify their banking
(e.g. overdraft protection, automated payments)
Delivering third party offers relevant to a customer’s behavior, actions, and location
(e.g. discount to a restaurant on my daily path)
Providing personal advice to improve customers’ finances
(e.g. how to save more based on their cash flow patterns)
How are P-Score and P-Grade calculated?

Your P-Score is a number between 0 and 105 that reflects the current state of your organization's personalization capabilities. 

The P-Grade is placing your organization in one of the following categories based on its P-Score: Best-in-Class (81-105), Sophisticated (61-80), Progressing (41-60), Lagging (0-40).