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UWCx Accreditation Form


Thank you for applying to become a UWCx initiative.

There are a couple of things we need to find out about you and your project so that we can get started. Before completing this form, please read the Introduction to 
UWCx which provides more background information.

Please revise the UWCx initiative guidelines below to assess if your initiative is in line with our criteria.  


Support to the UWC Mission

  • UWCx initiatives shall further and act towards scaling up the UWC mission, its values, reach and impact. Initiatives should engage and reach out to people from the UWC community and/or beyond. UWCx initiatives shall have a real UWC uniqueness about them, and “feel truly UWC”.

  • UWCx initiatives shall align with and avoid the duplication of existing UWC programmes and shall be open to collaboration with other UWC initiatives.

  • UWCx initiatives shall serve with UWC constituencies in their geographic region (such as UWC school/colleges or UWC national committees based in the same country, territory or region). 

  • UWCx initiatives shall organise an activity/event around UWC Day

  • Initiatives should have a social media presence and should re-post UWC social media posts of relevance to their work. Please refer to UWC International Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts for reference.


UWCx organisational principles

  • UWCx initiatives shall be run as nonprofit or social enterprises and have a clear social and/or environmental mission. As such, they should reinvest any surplus in the running of the initiative and/or in supporting UWC. 

  • Initiatives shall be financially and environmentally sustainable. A business plan detailing expected sources of funding shall be in place. Start-up initiatives need to have gone beyond the planning stage and initial activity/pilot programming should have occurred and be evidenced. Initiatives should strive to run their operations as environmentally sustainably as possible and be in a position to report on their sustainability measures if asked to do so.

  • To encourage the nature of UWCx as a community-driven initiative and to ensure business continuity, initiatives should have a clear succession plan. 


Commitments towards UWC

  • Upon joining, UWCx initiatives have the right to use the UWCx brand for 2 years, as “seeding support" for their scaling effort. After those 2 years, an evaluation shall be conducted to assess if the brand is still needed or if the initiative and UWC shall rather form a partnership. To ensure consistency, initiatives must comply with the UWC brand guidelines.

  • Initiatives shall submit an ‘Impact Summary’ to UWC International on an annual basis, which shall track their positive impact.

  • Each initiative must appoint a contact person for UWC International and must inform UWC International should the contact person change. 

  • All initiatives shall be transparent with UWC International regarding financing, team and governances structures as and when required.

  • All UWCx initiatives must review the UWC Common Standards for Safeguarding, provide a written agreement to these and apply them to their work, in particular when dealing with minors. Each UWCx initiative must also appoint a Designated Safeguard Lead (DSL) prior to UWCx accreditation being granted.

This form consists of two parts: 
  1. More information about your initiative - including your team and organisational structure. All questions are displayed on one page to give you an overview and allow you to liaise with your team as necessary
  2. Terms of Agreement - these are terms for you to sign up to on behalf of the initiative to enable you to become a UWCx initiative.
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