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Fred NXT Sensitive Data Access


The purpose of this online form is for pharmacies to provide written consent for Third Party organisations to obtain access to sensitive data via Fred NXT.

Fred IT Group works with third-party vendors who require access to pharmacy data held within Fred NXT databases or who require access to real-time dispense and/or point-of-sale events. Fred provides credentials to these vendors to access the required data when authorised by the pharmacy.

Fred also provides credentials and ad hoc functionality to allow users to export store data using desktop applications such as MS Excel.

Requests for credentials and/or access to real-time events by third parties are processed when: 
  • An authorised representative of a Fred NXT pharmacy grants authorisation through the completion of this online form.
  • The third-party has been provided by Fred with Vendor credentials.
On receipt of this request, Fred will create and provide credentials directly to the relevant third-party and/or provide notice to the third party of the pharmacy's authorisation. When the store requests credentials for internal use, Fred will provide the required credentials to the store. In both cases, credentials will only be created after the request has been validated.

The Customer and/or Vendor are required to advise Fred when these credentials are no longer required and/or are compromised.
Important Information
The information that the Third Party organisations will be given access to and be able to use may be de-identified information; personal information (about you and/or your patients and customers); or sensitive information (for example health information about your patients and customers). By giving your consent you confirm that you are duly authorised and otherwise permitted to disclose all these forms of information to the Third Party organisations that we authorise to access Fred NXT.