Application: CGP Leadership Institute

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Please answer the following questions. Note that minimum qualifications are described in each section of this application. Leadership Institute participants are generally expected to exceed minimum qualifications. Please submit a curriculum vitae or resume to supplement your application. 

Applications are reviewed by a committee of Leadership Institute participants. You will be notified of the results of this review within 30 days after your application is received by CGP. If you are admitted to the Leadership Institute, you will be invoiced for the annual fee of $150. This fee is in addition to annual CGP membership dues. CGP membership is required for all Leadership Institute participants.

If you have any questions please direct them to
1. Contact Information 
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2. How many years of professional experience do you have in charitable gift planning/philanthropic estate planning? 
3. Please list two current Leadership Institute participants who agree to recommend you and are familiar with your qualifications. To see a complete list of participants, sign in to the CGP e-community and click the Groups tab, then select the Leadership Institute group. Contact the CGP office at or 317-269-6274 for assistance if you are not currently a CGP member.
8. Please submit a curriculum vitae or resume to supplement your application.