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A survey of the national science academies to inform a new IAP project and support academies’ advice

1. Name and Academy
The science academies and global policy frameworks

What your academy is doing now

3. To what extent does your academy engage with the SDGs and endeavour to influence their implementation?                                           
In the next 12-18 months, is your academy planning to work on goals/themes relevant to the SDGs? 
4. Has your academy identified any particular goals or themes under the SDGs that warrant particular attention?
5. To what extent is your academy involved in providing policy advice in general at a (i) local, (ii) national, (iii) regional/continental, or (iv) global level, either on its own or in collaboration with other academies/partners? 
Space Cell Regularly InvolvedOccasionally InvolvedNever Involved
(i) Local
(ii) National
(iii) Regional/Continental
(iv) Global
What your country is doing now
6. To what extent, and how, is your country responding to its political obligation to implement the SDGs? 
Is your country prioritizing particular goals/themes? 
Do you know who your national (heads of) delegation to the UN are?
7.  Are members of your academy appointed to positions within government departments or fulfilling advisory roles within your government?
8. Have you cooperated with your national (senior) science academy on research and/or policy issues related to these policy frameworks?
9. Do you know of a country you think is exemplary in its implementation of the SDGs? 
Supporting the activities of your Academy