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This award recognises progress in mainstreaming gender in the local government Centres of Excellence that have completed the ten-stage process. It comprises a gender and local government score card that has been updated and aligned to the Post 2015 SADC Gender and Development Protocol. Compulsory evidence includes the Council’s Post 2015 Gender Action Plan devised with support from GL in the course of 2017; council budget and at least one photo. While other evidence is optional, councils are urged to submit as much evidence as possible.

The application has ten(10) sections:
  1. Gender policy and action plan
  2. Governance
  3. Work place policy and practice
  4. Local economic development
  5. Climate change and sustainable development
  6. Infrastructure and social development
  7. Sexual and reproductive health, HIV and AIDS
  8. Ending violence, empowering women
  9. Communications, campaigns and visibility
  10. Gender management system

Please take note of the instructions below BEFORE attempting to complete your application:
Please enter your administrative information as you start the application. This will allow you to start your application and complete it at a later stage. You can save your application and continue later by clicking save icon on top of the application page. You will be prompted to supply your email address and a unique link will be emailed to you that will allow you to return where you left it off.
  • All sections of the form MUST be completed.
  • Fields marked with a red asterisk (*) are compulsory.
  • When you see an arrow at the end of a box it means there is a drop down menu, please click on the arrow to select the correct option.
  • Use OANDA or the link provided in the application for conversion of currency.
  • It would be ideal if the person that is filling in the application is the person that will be presenting the application. If the person filling in the application is not the presenter, then the presenter’s details should be filled in where applicable.
  • The Designation, Education Level, Age, Sex, Email and Mobile Number fields should reflect the details of the presenter. The Telephone and Fax numbers should be those of the organisation to which the presenter belongs.
  • Please attach supporting evidence, such as action plans, policies, photos, articles or programmes, in- house newsletters and testimonial evidence (letters, E Mails), that attest to the extent to which you have been promoting gender equality in your work. Please note that files may not be more than 50 MB each. You can attach up to 10 files. 
  • If you do not finish filling in the form at one sitting do the following:

After completing page 1 (so when on page 2) on the top, you will see a “Save and Continue later” band:

If you want to go check something and return later, they can click on this and enter your email address:

Once you have entered your email address twice, whatever you have entered in the application form thus far will be saved and you will receive an email with a link to continue. Email example:

You can then click on the link and continue where you left off.

Please consult the country officer for help if you have challenges in your application:

Or send an E Mail to: