2017 Global Ageing Awards for Excellence Nominations Form

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Welcome to the The Global Ageing Network Biennial Awards (formerly IAHSA Awards) 2017 Call for Nominations!

The Global Ageing Network offers two awards accepting nominations for excellence:
  • Excellence in Ageing Services Award - This award recognizes organizations and/or individuals for programs and services that are models of innovation and excellence and that contribute significantly to the quality of life of the individuals served. (View Award Criteria)
  • Excellence in Applied Research Award - This award recognizes ongoing commitment to quality in ageing services through evidence-based research, translation of research into practice, and dissemination of research findings through internal and external shared learning opportunities. (View Award Criteria)
Please use the below form to submit your nomination. The questions on this form are also listed under the criteria of each award so that you are able to prepare your responses in advance. We strongly encourage you to view and craft your response to all questions in advance of completing the online form so that you can easily copy and paste them in.  Responses to each question should be no more than 300 words max. (Follow the links above to review your nomination's respective award criteria and questions)