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Milk Consumption and Cognitive Function in Children

Study Information

Thank you for considering our study on Milk Consumption and Cognitive Function in Children. Completing this application will help us decide whether your child is eligible to participate. 

We are only looking for children who will be aged 7 up to and including 9 years in 2017 and lives in the Adelaide metropolitan area.

To participate in this study, you and your child will need to attend the CSIRO Research Unit (located on North Terrace in the Adelaide CBD) on 2 occasions, at the beginning (April 2017 school holidays) and end of the trial (October 2017 school holidays).

If you are interested in applying for this study, please read the Study Information Sheet prior to commencing the application.


During the study your child will:
- need to consume two 150ml serves (e.g. a small glass) of milk (milk powder mixed with water) every day for 6 months. 

- need to attend the CSIRO clinic in the city for two half day visits (6 months apart).

- be required to fast overnight prior to each visit to our research clinic.

At each clinic visit we will take a sample of your child's blood and also measure their body composition, cognitive function and physical fitness.

Your family will receive a $60 Prepaid Gift Card  after your first clinic visit and a $240 Prepaid Gift Card at completion of the study.


Does my child have to give blood?
- Your child will not be forced to provide a blood sample
. However, some of the outcomes that we are measuring rely on blood samples. We will have a team of paediatric nurses who are skilled in working with children. These nurses follow special procedures to ensure that children are comfortable during this process. If a child appears distressed, or provides a strong indication that they do not wish to give blood, they will be excused from this measure. The team will explain the process in more detail during our study information sessions.

Why is this study using powdered milk?
- Using a powdered product will help to ensure that the added nutrients remain stable throughout the study. When mixed with chilled water, this product is expected to taste like reduced-fat milk. Also, if a liquid product was used, families would be required to store 54 litres of milk for the duration of the study. This would be difficult for families to manage. Powdered milk is used in many commercial products and widely consumed by the Australian population.