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Town of Grafton DPW Facility Survey (Winter '17)

DPW Facility Survey

Thank you for participating in this survey on the Town of Grafton’s new Department of Public Works (DPW) facility. It should take you approximately 2 minutes to complete. Your responses will be invaluable to the process and supports the DPW Facility Building Committee’s efforts to bring forth a revised proposal to the community and its voters that meets the Town of Grafton’s long-term needs. 

Do you support the new DPW project?

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2. If you do not support the project, please select one, or more, of the responses below: *This question is required.
4. Where would you like the DPW to be located? *This question is required.

Would you be interested in attending an informal workshop meeting to discuss the project in more detail, provide input and/or to ask questions?

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6. What would be the best way to disseminate information about the project? *This question is required.
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