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Best use of HR

Thank you for nominating an award for the Best use of HR. 
To print the application form please click here.  

We’ve designed the nomination process to be really easy. Anyone can nominate any organisation – so you can self-nominate. I hope many of the answers can be given off the top of your head. To view our terms and conditions, please click here. 
Please remember that all nominations need to be submitted through the online form by the 10th February 2017.
If you have any questions call us on 00 44 207 183 3779 or email
Best regards
Max Hotopf
1. Are you eligible? *This question is required.
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Are you nominating a privately owned for-profit or NGO operator that delivers health or care services?
Are you nominating a service offering or business model and NOT a product?
Can you demonstrate that the model is beyond the pilot stage IE that it demonstrates scaleability and/or financial viability?
Can you demonstrate real cost savings for you as an operator?
Does this service deliver at least as good or better care than previous or other competing models?
2. Congratulations you are eligible for the award! 

     Please tell us who you, the nominee, are.
5. Please describe the HR changes the organisation has made which have led to better services.
There are likely to have been several changes to practice. This could include a transfer of processes from, say, doctors to nurses, which cuts costs and saves time. It could be a cultural change programme, which dramatically improved patient or resident care or treatment. Or it could be a training programme that led to big skill improvements. Please list the changes separately.
6. When did the HR changes start affecting service delivery?
8. Upload supporting documents. These could include academic papers on the model, a written case study, a brochure on the service, a business plan or presentation.