2017 TCM Training Assessment

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Welcome to the 2017 Troop Cookie Manager (TCM) Training Assessment.

You should have taken the training on texascookietime.org and are encouraged to reference the TCM Guide (texascookietime.org/tcmguide) as each question will refer to page numbers.

In order to be added to eBudde, you will have to pass the assessment with a score of at least 85% (you can only get two questions wrong). You can go back and forth through the assessment up until you click submit.

You will receive an email at the end of the survey indicating whether you passed or failed. If you fail (less than 85%, you will need to retake this assessment), this email is for your records, please do not forward it to GSNETX.

If you pass, you will be directed to the TCM Agreement at the end of the assessment - please complete the agreement only if you have not already done so.

If you fail, you will be directed to restart the assessment.

To be added into eBudde, you must:
1. Pass the TCM Assessment (85% or higher)
2. Submit the online TCM Agreement (texascookietime.org/tcm)

GSNETX adds TCMs into eBudde (based on completion of steps 1 & 2) Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Good luck!

1. Type in your contact information - double check your troop number and service unit number before submitting. Incorrect information can delay the process of granting you eBudde access!
Troop Number (if you are the TCM of more than one troop, input the numbers here) *This question is required.
Service Unit Number (per troop, if more than one) *This question is required.
2. Based on the resources on page 9/21, identify the one that Girl Scouts are permitted to use to fulfill orders with and identify the correct date that they can start using it on. *This question is required.
3. You as a TCM submit your primary/initial order (p.17) and ONLY order booth cookies in eBudde by December 6 (p.39). At the end of the cookie program, you allocate 230 packages to each girl - will they qualify for the primary/initial rewards (p.18)? *This question is required.
4. It is January 27, 2017 and a new troop forms - it is not too late for them to participate! Drag the items into the correct category based on what the troop should do to get started: p.19 *This question is required.
Drag items from below into the appropriate categories.
What the TCM needs to do:
What Cookie Coordinators need to do:
What parents/guardians need to do:
These are not things that a late starting troop will do:
5. The following My Sale (p.24) requests were submitted in eBudde (p.45), identify the sale that would be approved. *This question is required.
Not Selected
Not Selected
Not Selected
6. Select both posts that violate GSNETX's social media guidelines. p.26 Remember, click two! *This question is required.
Not Selected
Not Selected
Not Selected
7. Oh no - you just got home from the warehouse and you are missing one case of cookies - what should you have done and what should you do now? *This question is required.
Drag items from below into the appropriate categories.
What you should have done -
This is not correct
What you should do now -
8. Oh no - you have a booth sale tomorrow and you went to the warehouse, Warehouse Authorization Card in hand but they were closed! Place what you should have done and what you should do into the correct categories below: *This question is required.
Drag items from below into the appropriate categories.
What I should have done:
This is not the best option:
What I should do now:
9. Identify who adds you to eBudde and what you need to do in order to be added (p.33). *This question is required.
10. Place the following options into the correct order of steps for figuring out what 25% of your cookie balance is (this is what you pay on Feb 7 & 21). p.30 *This question is required.
Drag items from below into the appropriate categories.
Step 1
Step 3
Step 2
11. I paid 25% of my cookie balance over a week ago at texascookietime.org/epayment and it is not showing up in the _________________ tab of eBudde, what should I do? p.30 *This question is required.
12. It is December 7, 2016 and I just realized that I forgot to order booth cookies in my troop's primary/initial order - what should I do? p.34 *This question is required.
13. I am closing out eBudde and my "Sales Report Tab" still displays a balance (Amount You Owe Council) of $324. An individual owes this balance, however, their guardian gets paid on Friday, is it ok for me to just wait it out, I am sure they'll pay me! p.32 *This question is required.
14. A TCM of a Cadette troop is closing out eBudde, they are looking at their settings tab but are not sure if they have correctly set it up for their troop to opt out of rewards, identify the correct settings page from below: p.37 *This question is required.
Not Selected
Not Selected
15. One of your Girl Scouts is not in eBudde, but her parent emailed you her order and you're ready to input her individual (primary/initial) order - what is going on, why isn't she in eBudde and how can you get her added? p.38 *This question is required.
16. I just printed my delivery confirmation from the _______________________ in eBudde, but my time slot changed - why, and what can I do to fix it? p.40 *This question is required.
17. Click on the delivery schedule that will likely result in changes when troops look at their delivery confirmations. p.40 & 41 *This question is required.
Not Selected
Not Selected
18. My friend needed cookies, I had extras so I gave them to her - why are they still showing up under my troop in my Girl Orders tab (p.39) as "difference" in eBudde? p.44 *This question is required.
19. I am my troop's TCM, but my troop leader helps me a lot, can she get a padfolio too (my troop did qualify for the primary/initial order reward)? p.47 *This question is required.
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