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DIAGRAM Report Survey 2017

In 2017 we will be publishing the first DIAGRAM Report highlighting new technologies being used in education that can be harnessed to create accessible and born accessible classrooms.  Similar to the Horizon Report, published by the New Media Consortium, this report will identify and examine emerging technologies and their impact on students and teachers. However, we will focus on identifying areas of enormous opportunity for students with disabilities and different learning needs.   We are looking for your help to prioritize the top technologies to explore. Please take a moment to help us better understand your interest and/or knowledge in the following, and if we have missed something please help us identify it.
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4. How much impact do you think these technologies will have in education over the next 5 years?
Space Cell None at allSomeNot sureHigh impactWorld Changing
3D Printing
Virtual Reality
Augmented Reality
Multimodal user interfaces
Wearable Technology
Emotion Detection
Speech Recognition (Eg. natural language)
Machine Learning (Eg. image recognition)
Artificial Intelligence
Gesture Recognition
Graphics-capable tactile displays
Personalized / Adaptive Learning
Multimedia / Interactives
6. Please check the boxes of the technologies that you would be able to contribute to our research
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