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Partnership Survey

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Please take the time to complete this survey which will give the partnership committee feedback on what the needs are of the partners and how they would like to see ESIP evolve over the next few years.
1. What Type of ESIP Partner is your organization? *This question is required.
2. Does the definition for the ESIP Type you chose above accurately describe the function/operation of your ESIP?
3. If you answered question 2 other than Yes do you recommend
7. Currently organizations, or divisions of organizations can become ESIP partners. Should individuals be considered to become ESIP partners? *This question is required.
9. Do you think there should be a Student Organization (non-voting) ESIP membership category?
10. Do you think there should be an Associate Member (interested parties/organizations who aren’t affiliated with a particular funded project; non-voting) ESIP category?
11. Do you think that ESIPs should be asked to renew their membership periodically?
12. If you answered yes to the above question, when should renewal occur?
13. Do you think that inactive ESIPs should be removed from Federation Membership?
14. What do you think constitutes inactivity for a member organization? (check all that apply)
15. Are there unmet community needs that the ESIP Federation could be (or should be) addressing in the next 3 years?
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