NFTE Alumni Application: Entrepreneurship Documentary Film

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Joseph Seldner--Pulitzer Prize- and Emmy-nominated journalist, former creative executive to Tom Hanks--is looking film a documentary for theaters and TV on the entrepreneurial spirit, and we are looking to include NFTE alumni in this film! The goal of the documentary is to tell the stories of entrepreneurs in ways that can inspire others. 

Interested in sharing your story? Strong candidates for being featured in this film...

  • Exemplify the entrepreneurial spirit - persistence, innovation, willingness to fail and get back on their feet, business acumen
  • Can articulate a compelling story on camera
  • Have overcome considerable obstacles, succeeded and thrived

Note: Candidates do NOT necessarilly have to be currently running their own business right now--your ability to convey how you act upon an entrepreneurial mindset/experience is what matters most.

Applications due by December 31, but the sooner you submit, the better.

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