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WGAL Talent Request Form

Talent Request Form

PLEASE NOTE: This form is to be used only for requesting a WGAL Staff member to appear at an event/meeting for the purpose of assisting to/adding to the program. We prefer that events are attended by 100 or more people. Due to the nature of television, we may not be able to fulfill this request or it may be necessary to substitute speakers.

This form is NOT to be used to submit requests for News Coverage, News Tips, Station Visits, or to request Copies of a Newscast. Please direct those requests to the Contact Us page since those requests are handled by a different department.

Please take into consideration that February, May, July and November are "sweeps" periods in the television industry. Station resources to attend public service events during these months are limited.

Please fill out the form below and we will be in touch shortly.
2. What Type of Event is this?  *This question is required.