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Registration: Communicable Disease: Public Health Response and Investigation November 22, 2016

Webinar Registration

This is the registration form to view our livestream program, 'Communicable Disease: Public Health Response and Investigation' on Tuesday, November 22nd at 10:30 am. The speaker is Sonya E. Frontin, MPH, an Epidemiologist in the Communicable Disease Service of the New Jersey Department of Health. 

The Public Health Core Competencies to be addressed include: 1B4, 1B5, 6B1 and 6B3.
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Describe public health principles and the structure of public health at the federal, state and local level
Explain how local and state public health partners and New Jersey state laws and regulations guide communicable disease response and investigation
Review a case study of a communicable disease outbreak using applicable public health and epidemiology principles
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