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Cortes Island Transportation Study

Residents Survey

    The Strathcona Regional District has contracted Bunt & Associates Engineering in partnership with local residents Max Thaysen and Kate Maddigan to conduct a Cortes Transportation Study this fall/winter season. This initiative is funded by Gas Tax funds.  The study’s goal is to explore strategies and provide recommendations that will help Cortes Island increase its transportation options and reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.  If you have questions or comments on this study, contact Bunt and Associates at

    This survey is directed toward residents who live on the island for 6 months or more a year.  Visitors and seasonal residents are asked to fill out a different survey -- available at, .

If you are a Cortes Island resident, please help our efforts by answering these fourteen questions. You can complete this survey as an individual or for the household.
1. How many people are you including in your household for the purposes of this
survey (including yourself)? And what are their ages?
3. Approximately, what percentage of your income do you or your household spend on transportation on cortes and trips to Campbell River?  Consider insurance, fuel, vehicle purchase, ferries, maintenance costs etc.
4. To which part of Cortes Island do you live nearest?
5. How many trips ​on​ the island do you and others of your household take per week, by each mode and distance? (Please estimate/average, as best you can. For each mode, choose the number of trips of the appropriate distance.  Leave the option on 'please select' if you have no trips for that mode or distance.)
Space Cell Short trips 1-3 kms per weekTrips halfway across the island ~5kms per weekTrips Across the island ~10-16kms per week
Personal vehicle - driving alone
Personal vehicle with passenger(s)
Motorcycle/ Scooter
Shared vehicle (eg. borrowed, co- op owned, carpooling)
Electric vehicle
6. How many times per month does your household need to access the following goods or services? (add a figure even if it is part of a combined trip.)
7. Approximately how many times per month do you park your car in the ferry lineup
overnight to catch an early ferry the next day?
0 times
15 times
30 times
8. How many trips ​off​ the island do you and others of your household take per ​month​, by each mode and to which destination? (Please estimate/average, as best you can.  ​For each mode, choose the number of trips of the appropriate destination.  Leave blank if that mode/destination does not apply to you.)
Space Cell Across Quadra (per month)Around Campbell River (per month)Beyond Campbell River (per month)
Personal vehicle - driving alone
Personal vehicle with passenger(s)
Requesting rides at the ferry
BC transit
Borrowed vehicle
Electric cars and trucks
Cortes Connection
Island link Bus
9. Please indicate the purposes of your trips off Cortes, and how many times per month that need arises.  Leave on 'please select' if the purpose does not come up for you.
10. Below is a list of potential future transportation considerations for Cortes including
connections to Quadra and Campbell River.  Please indicate how likely your household is to take ​REGULAR advantage of each option.
Space Cell Not very likelySomewhat likelyQuite likely
Wider shoulders/sidewalks/trails for walking/biking on roads
Cycling, in response to safer drivers (e.g. lower speeds, less drinking and driving etc.)
Cortes taxi/ride-hailing like Uber (@ approx. $2/km)
A scheduled mini-bus service on Cortes
More transit options in Campbell River
A shuttle across Quadra
Public charging for electric cars on Cortes
Public charging stations/financing for electric bikes on Cortes
Car sharing (Co-op vehicles on Cortes and in Campbell River; eg., Zipcar, Car2Go)
Designated car stops*, for more comfortable hitchhiking
Shuttle service to assist drivers who wish to leave their car overnight in the ferry lineup
Reservation system for the ferry
Passenger ferry directly to major town centres in the Georgia Straight (eg. Vancouver, Campbell River, Powell River etc., for ~$25-50)
** Car Stops: ​strategic places around the community providing recognized spots for people to wait if they require a lift.  You may have seen them in other communities such as Quadra Island or Pender Island.  For more info, see:

11. Please provide the reasons your household does not use the following modes of transportation.
12. Are you looking for ways to decrease your carbon emissions in response to climate
No, not at all.
I'm not sure.
Yes, definitely
13. How satisfied are you with the range of transportation options available to you and your household?
Very DissatisfiedDissatisfiedNeutralSatisfiedVery Satisfied
This question requires a valid email address.
     Look for our presentation of the results of this survey and the study in general in the new year at  There will also be a community meeting to discuss the final report, advertised on  Further questions and comments can be sent to ​​ . Thanks for your participation!

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